Attention 2015 Tucson Comic Con exhibitors

Due to the high volume of submissions we have closed registration for this years 2015 Tucson Comic Con.

Although registration is closed there may still be space available once the main vendor map is completed. If you would like to be added to the ( WAITING LIST ) please submit an email to ( subject : waiting list. Please understand that if you have already submitted a request or intend to do so we will get back to you only when space becomes available in the order in which we received your email.

2016 Tucson Comic Con Pre Registration : If you would like to purchase space for next years show you may do so by emailing us at ( ) subject : TCC9 EXHIBITOR  We will send you a registration form to fill out and submit. ( Prices will remain the same for next years table and booth registrations )

2016 T.A.P.E. Tucson Art Press Exhibit Pre Registration : If you attended our 1st Annual TAPE convention last year and would like to be apart of the unique convention please email us at  ( ) subject : TAPE2 EXHIBITOR We will send you a registration form to fill out and submit. ( We have also lowered our prices for tables and booths )

What is TAPE?

Tape is our very own alternative press comic book convention as well as creator owned art show. Everything from screen printing ,toy making, zines, comic books, comic book shops and sellers, local creators , publishers,cosplay,anime, artists, writers and more from all genres of the art world. Our goal is to not just create another mirrored Tucson Comic Con convention, but to give local creators another stage and place to gather with fans and guests from all walks of the creative spectrum. Its a very unique show that still has the comic book essence at heart.

TAPE hosted close to 1,000 attendees at the Tucson Convention Center last year with a 2 day show. With an 85% success rate with our vendors, we hope to polish this unique show for future exhibitors and attendees as well as incorporating programming & workshops. Look for us to announce our dates in March or April 2016.


Thank you for your continued support!