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Arizona Cosplay Groups To Attend Tucson Comic Con 2013

We are bringing the best Southern Arizona ultimate pop culture event to Tucson, and of course Cosplay plays a big part of it!

Come visit the Costume Corner, where we will showcase the premier costume groups in southern Arizona! Come shake hands with your favorite science fiction heroes from Star Wars,Star Trek, Doctor Who, and get your pictures with the Ghostbusters and meet your favorite heroes from DC and Marvel Comics!

The Arizona Avengers, Justice League Arizona, Arizona Ghost Busters, AZ Tardis, 501st Dune Sea Garrison, Mos Eisley Rebel Legion and more will be at the Costume Corner in the upper level of the convention floor. There will be a lot of cool activities planned for kids and lots of cool displays.

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Special Guest: Matt Hawkins From Top Cow!

We are happy to announce that Matt Hawkins, President & Chief Operating Officer At Top Cow Productions and writer of several amazing comic books, will be attending the Tucson Comic Con 2013!!

Writer, physicist, social media maven and all around swell guy, Matt Hawkins has published over 1,000 comic books in his 20 year career at Image Comics and Top Cow and created and/or written many including Think Tank, Aphrodite IX, The Test, Alibi, Necromancer and Lady Pendragon and despite producing TV series, feature films and video games still considers himself to be a comic book dude.

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