Kids get their time to shine, too! The Tucson Comic-Con 2017 Youth Costume Contest is open to all kids aged 15 and under. All participants older than 15 years of age must enter our regular Costume Contest.

The Tucson Comic-Con 2017 Youth Costume Contest will be held at the LEO RICH THEATER on the northeast end of the Convention Center. The contest starts at 2:00PM on Saturday, November 4. Youth entries must arrive before 1:30PM at the panel room (location TBD). No contest entries will be accepted after 1:30PM! Please refer to the map below for reference:

There will be no online registration for Youth Costume Contest entries. Simply show up on time at the location mentioned above and check in with Tucson Comic-Con staff.



  • Best Overall Youth Boy
  • Youth Boy Runner-Up
  • Best Overall Youth Girl
  • Youth Girl Runner-Up
  • Best Star Wars Costume
  • Best Marvel Comics Character Costume
  • Best DC Comics Character Costume
  • Best Video Game Character Costume

Be sure to stay for the whole contest for surprise categories!



  • This contest is open to multiple genres! Example genres would be: Sci-Fi , Anime, Comics, Manga, Fantasy, Historical, Literature, Steam Punk, Television, Movies, Gaming, Animation, and more! 
  • Costumes must be made or heavily modified store-bought, but not strictly off-the-shelf store-bought. They may be made by parents or another family member, but must modeled by the youth contestant.
  • Youth/Parent Groups may enter the contest, but they will be judged as a single entrant. For such entries, the child’s costume must be the focus (e.g. your child is cosplaying as Batman and parents are cosplaying as Joker and Harley Quinn). The same prize that would have been won by one by a single entrant will be awarded to the group. Due to available stage space, a maximum of 5 members are permitted per group.



  • You will be allotted one minute (60 seconds) for your presentation. While there is no requirement to perform a skit, you are encouraged to walk on stage, strike a pose, and show the crowd your hard work!
  • The MC will announce your name, character, and a short comment about your costume, materials, time taken to construct said costume, etc. that you provided on your official entry form. This is your cue to walk on stage.
  • The MC will then repeat your name and character which is your cue to exit the stage.



  • All participants must have a paid Tucson Comic-Con Membership Badge or Bracelet, valid for the day of the competition. Tucson Comic-Con staff are ineligible to compete.
  • No jumping off of the stage.
  • No pyrotechnics, confetti, fireworks, smoke, or glitter bombs.
  • No throwing items to the crowd, spraying the crowd with water guns, fake blood or other liquids.
  • No messes or any powder or chemical is to be left on stage or in the convention hall.
  • The parents of youth contestants will be held responsible for any damage to convention property as a result of actions of their children during the contest.
  • Do not interact or interrupt the MC. Do not make the MC a part of your show or performance.
  • If the name of your character, or source material is mispronounced by the MC, correcting the MC before leaving the stage is permitted before your character name and costume is repeated to the crowd.
  • If you require assistance onto the stage due to costume restraints or physical disabilities, Tucson Comic-Con staff will be on hand to help you up and down the stairs. However, parents are encouraged to help their children on stage, especially if they are very young.
  • Staff will not be available to help you set up or take down props. Extra time will not be allotted for set up, teardown or elaborate performances. Please plan accordingly to fit your entire performance into the allotted time of one minute. Failure to abide by the allotted time limit may result in your performance being cut off at the MC’s discretion.
  • All costumes must abide by the official Tucson Comic-Con Costumes & Weapons Policy.

The rulings of contest judges are final and may not be contested. Good sportsmanship is required to participate.



Each winner will receive a Full Weekend Membership to Tucson Comic-Con 2018, plus amazing swag donated by our sponsors!



Any questions, comments or concerns? For all inquiries related to the Youth Costume Contest, please email Cosplay Coordinator, Dustin Dial at