To ensure the safety of all attendees, guests, exhibitors and staff members, Tucson Comic-Con has rules in place for costumes, props and prop weapons. Please read this information carefully, as it has been updated since last year’s show.



Tucson Comic-Con reserves the right to determine on a case-by- case basis what is considered a prohibited costume prop or prop weapon.

  • If Tucson Comic-Con staff identifies any costume prop or weapon prop to be dangerous, at entry or at any time during the show, you will be asked to remove that item from the premises or it will be confiscated.
  • If your costume prop or weapon prop is confiscated, it will be tagged with your name and held by Tucson Comic-Con staff. It will be returned to you once you depart the event. Please have a valid government-issued identification card with you to reclaim your confiscated item(s).
  • Tucson Comic-Con cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of confiscated items under its possession. When in doubt, leave it at home!
  • Arguing with TCC staff is grounds for removal from the convention premises without refund. Security personnel have the monumental task of ensuring the safety of every attendee, guest, exhibitor and staff member. Anyone arguing with or disrespecting security staff is subject to expulsion from the convention.


If you are not willing to comply with the following policies, please do not bring your costume props and/or prop weapons. All costumes, costume weapons and costume props must conform to state, federal and local laws. They must also conform to these policies to ensure the safety of all attendees, guests, exhibitors and convention staff:

  • All costume props and weapons MUST be inspected and peace bonded prior to entry. Again, peace bonding is MANDATORY FOR ENTRY and tags must remain in place and not removed while on the premises. Security will escort you to the Peace Bonding Station for inspection if your costume prop or weapon prop is not tagged. Do not attempt to peace bond a prop yourself before entering. TCC will have specific tags for the event!
  • TCC staff and security reserve the right to forbid any item from entering the convention if it’s deemed a potential hazard.
  • All attendees may be subject to a bag search.
  • Super-realistic military, police, or firefighter costumes must be identified to staff as costumes upon entry.
  • Metal armor and shields must have dull edges, as to not potentially injure anyone.
  • Costume weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons.
  • Prop firearms:
    • Must not be metal or metal composite. Absolutely NO metal replica firearms will be permitted. (e.g. metal airsoft guns, metal replica western revolvers with plugged barrels are not permitted)
    • Must have a red or orange cap at the end of the barrel.
    • After inspection by peace bonding, all prop firearms will have will have zip ties attached to their triggers indicating that they are unusable as weapons and safe for display.
  • Any prop weapons capable of firing projectiles (such as Nerf guns, airsoft guns, slingshots, etc.) MUST be rendered inoperable.
  • Projectiles of any kind are forbidden. This includes airsoft ammo, Nerf darts/arrows, water, “exploderz”, fluids or any other substances, soft or hard, which can be fired from a weapon.
  • Bows may be strung, but only loosely in a manner that would not allow them to be fired. Arrows must be bundled and zip tied into a quiver. Arrows may not be placed on the bow in a firing position at any time. Arrow props must not have tips and must not be fired under any circumstances.
  • If the prop weapon is made of steel or of a similar metal (sword, spear, etc.), it must be secured inside a sheath. At no time shall a real metal weapon be removed from its sheath. Sharpened blades of any kind are not permitted. Sufficiently blunt wooden staves and bullwhips are permitted, subject to peace bonding at entry.
  • Do not brandish costume and weapon props in a threatening manner. Please be aware of how security and law enforcement personnel may interpret your actions, in or outside of convention areas.
  • Any prohibited (dangerous) weapons purchased from vendor areas or won as prizes will be peace bonded by the vendor, security or a TCC Staff member to conform to the rules listed above.
  • If your peace bonding tag comes off or is broken, please go directly to Security or see a TCC staff member to have a new tag placed on your costume or weapon prop.
  • Do not attempt to remove any peace bonding tags while on the convention floor. Security and staff will be watching everyone at all times to ensure that every prop is peace bonded.

Violation of the above costume, costume prop, and weapon prop rules may result in ejection from Tucson Comic-Con without refund and possibly, the notification of local law enforcement.

Remember, convention safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you see something suspicious, report it to a staff member immediately!


  • If you are carrying a costume prop or weapon prop of any kind, please go to the Peace Bonding Station first. Look for the signage that points to station and its line queue.
  • If you do not have a costume prop or weapon prop to be checked, you do not need to wait in the Peace Bonding line and you may stand in the other entry line(s).
  • Peace Bonding locations will be indicated on a map (we will post this information soon).
  • It is recommended that you limit yourself a small to medium sized bag. Please remember that everyone and anyone may be subject to a bag check by TCC staff or security at any time.
  • For additional information regarding policies and codes of conduct, please click here.
  • If your costume prop or weapon prop is absolutely integral to your costume entry for the Annual Costume Contest and does not conform to the rules listed above , contact the Cosplay Dept. Manager Dustin Dial at, and he’ll be happy to help you determine whether or not you can bring that item to the contest and help determine the safest way to do so.
  • If you are trying to get to a scheduled panel, event, photo op etc., please allow yourself extra time to get into the designated Peace Bonding line(s) for inspection so that you make it inside of the convention in a reasonable timeframe.


If you have any questions regarding these policies, please email the Cosplay Department Coordinator Dustin Dial at Alternatively, you may also email Cosplay Groups Coordinator Tom Buck at