9 Weeks Away from CON!!!

By |September 7th, 2015

Are you Pre-registered yet? Will you be exhibiting? Maybe early Christmas shopping for yourself or that special comic book geek in your life? Want to look the part of the fit superhero or heroine while you’re cosplaying? You have 9 weeks. Tucson Comic Con is coming.

We here at Tucson Comic Con are at work putting all the behind the scene pieces together to make this the biggest Con yet. Number 8 as a matter of fact.  The new poster will be hitting the streets soon. Ticket giveaways will be happening so look out for those. We have parties this year. Parties that we will be throwing for our comic con fam, both Friday and Saturday night. Details coming soon.

We also have the phase one guest list of visiting artists at this years convention. Thus far it reads as so-

Jim Mahfood 
Shannon Denton
Ulises Farinas
Chynna Flores 
Joelle Sellner
Don Rosa
Rob Worley
Billy King
Jon Goff
Paul O’Conner
Brian Augustyn
Tom Hodges
Brian Pulido
Sina Grace

In case you don’t know some of them by name, no worries. Over the next couple weeks we will acquaint you with they’re collective bodies of work so that you can get just as excited as you should be.

more to come-


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Steampunk Fair at Bookman’s 8/15

By |August 13th, 2015

Tucson Comic Con will be in attendance as the “punks of steam” gather to check out each others gears this Saturday at Bookman’s

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Marvel Comics 8/12/15

By |August 13th, 2015

Marvel has had an interesting summer with the Battleworld/Secret Wars storyline.
All in all it has managed to take everything cool that the house of ideas has ever done and thrown it all together as a precursor to some kind of incredible reboot.  With incarnations of all the Marvel characters manifested on the patches of land held together by Doom’s will and a plot that now (at summer’s end) has been revealed in this week’s issues.
The Korvac Saga #3 sees Korvac had previously made a deal with Doom but his subconscious could not manage to keep it. A-Force #3 has She Hulk at the center of mystery that surrounds a little girl that is actually a universe incarnate. Inhumans Attilan Rising #4 A Black Bolt that has not undergone Terra- genesis is leading a revolution against Doom, and the Attilan leader Medusa just found out why. Secret Wars #5 reveals the backstory of how Doom came to power and who was there to help him hold it together. With the survivors of both ships now spread across all of Battleworld, Doom has sent the Thors to collect the “anomalies” who remembers the world before. Also this week as a comedic break from al the Doom we have The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8 presents Cat Thor.


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Comics 6/24

By |June 24th, 2015

A handfull of titles / a gazillion varient covers 

   This week we see a receding tide of titles.  No  doubt the calm  before the tidal wave of  announcements that will come with  next  month’s SDCC.  There are however a few  gems of note.
We Are Robin #1 DC
Story Lee Bermejo Art Jorge Corona, Rob Haynes,  Khary  Randolph
Duke Thomas is abandoned by circumstance and takes it  upon  himself to find his parents and maintain order around  him in  the wake  of Joker Virus.  He is approached by others,  also seeking to restore order to the chaos.  Inspired by the Boy  Wonder the forever young Gotham protector and partner to the city’s Dark Knight, Duke and the rest of the Robins are a new take on the sidekick character.
Also out from DC this week Grayson #9, Teen Titans #9, Deathstroke #7 and Batgirl #41 ( sans the controversial Joker cover)

Fight Club 2 #2
STORY Chuck Palahniuk Art Cameron Stewart

Tyler has been getting out.  Only now Sebastian has a wife and kids to look out for.

The industry is going a little cray with this variant cover thing they’ve been doing.  Ever since Kirkman’s Walking Dead variant cover payday last year the comic book big wigs are acting like its the 90’s again with multiple versions of cover art.  Maybe somebody should remind them how that worked out.



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Next stop PHX CON

By |May 25th, 2015

This weekend Tucson Comic Con will be hanging out at Phoenix Comic Con saying hello to old friends (shout out to Rob Ozborne, Allen Amis, Adam Yeater, Jay Fotos & Jason Pederson ) hustling to make new ones (by dispensing mexican candy) and sharing a few updates about our own Con in November.  Phx Con is going a whole 4 days this year starting on Thursday May 28th.  The layout will be different from previous years so be sure to check the Programming Schedule and Convention Map  and orient yourself  on them changes.  Don’t forget to drop by our booth and say hi.  And go like our Face and Tweeter for some up to the second behind the scene exclusive knowings of stuff as we run around and interview as many of the presenting artists/writers/makers/cosplayers & hollywood-types that we can tempt with our mexican candy.
– “Spicy hot tamarindo Aquaman, I mean Mr. Momoa”?

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We will be undergoing some CHANGES

By |May 11th, 2015

Stay tuned for a different look to the site as well as more frequent blog posts.  Tucson Comic Con has several plans to be laid out over the summer so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up on all of our latest projects.  Here you can find out about summer movie passes (to films like Avengers, Ant Man, & The Fantastic Four) convention updates and the handful of changes that will be implemented in this year’s convention.  And of course be sure to go like our FB and Twitter feeds for all of the up to the minute tidbits.

Get ready to be excited.

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Post TAPE! Thank You

By |May 11th, 2015

 Just wanted to thank everyone again for participating or attending  the TAPE show this weekend. I know you had your pick of the litter  for fun art and community filled events this weekend, but I just  wanted to say how much it was appreciated to those that stopped in  even for a moment to say hi and support the locals. We are looking  forward to next years show along with Tucson Comic Con in  November! Also a big thanks to everyone exhibiting that gave me  their feedback on the show. It’s much appreciated.
 Mike O~

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By |April 16th, 2015

Tucson Art Press Exhibit! is this weekend! Saturday April 18th 10-7pm and Sunday April 19th 10-5 @ The Tucson Convention Center Grand Ballroom. $6 for the entire weekend children 12 and under FREE! Entrance on the west side of the convention center on Cushing and Granada. Fun for everyone!Although this year we will not have programming we hope you will join us for a fun filled weekend filled with over 100 creators and great local talent all in one room!This show will defiantly evolve in the coming years, but our hope is to create an extremely local heavy art, press and small business show. Showcasing all avenues within the comic book and art community. We would like to have another great weather show for the city of Tucson as well as our talented artists and creators in Arizona!Once again, thank you for your support; we would not be able to do this without the amazing businesses, creators and fans in the Arizona comic book and art community!See you this weekend!

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TAPE! is Coming

By |March 24th, 2015

Tape is the little sister to the Tucson Comic Convention .
TAPE! is a Tucson/Arizona centric artist and alternative press expo that aims to be more focused on the DIY aspect of the comic art world.  It is a smaller and more scaled down event that will highlight local creators and businesses. April 18th and 19th @ The Tucson Convention Center! Purchasing a ticket Saturday for $6 gets you in for the entire weekend! Children 12 & under are FREE! This is a grass roots comic book convention at it’s core. We hope you can join us!

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